December 20, 2011

Oh Yeah! I Have A Blog.

Volleyball ended (sad face), real volleyball, not middle school volleyball and basketball started. I semi-coach a basketball team now. Poor kids. UCLA won the National Volleyball Championship for all you volleyball guru's, incase you didn't know. My Texas and Nebraska teams didn't even make it to the final four! Total bummer. I wanted to go down to San Antonio and watch them (sad face).

The last week of school, before break, was brutal. I don't want to see another kid, other than my own, for the next two weeks.

I got all my Christmas shopping finished. All the presents are wrapped and placed ever-so-neatly under my slim Christmas tree. By the way, what did we do before 'slim' Christmas trees? I guess it was okay for a tree to take up half the room.

I'm not gonna lie, I find myself liking Christmas music these days.  Maybe it's because I like to have music for my four year old to sing to and misprounce all the words to, but nontheless I like it now.

My Bailey is getting so big, (bigger sad face) Here are her Christmas pictures:

I hope everybody has a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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