March 06, 2011

So I haven't been an angel - Part 2

When I started going to church at seven years old, I really liked it. I loved all my friends, my Sunday school teachers, children's church, and everything about Christian Center. We went Sunday morning, Sunday night, Wednesday and I always looked forward to it. When the pastor moved on for a better opportunity in another state, so did we. We started attending another church, Christian Temple for many years. I never felt like I was apart of that church. Ever. One Sunday I walked in and some lady asked if it was my first time to visit. I told that lady I had been going there for eight years and walked away. We went to a church for a short time called The Glory Church and you were lucky to get out of there by 2:00 in the afternoon, no lie people. I would be starving! Church should not be that ridiculous! When I went off to college I would occassionlly go with my parents, but I got tired of my Dad always dragging me down to the altar, so I stopped going. I don't like people touching me and I certainly don't like them putting their hand on my forehead and trying to push me to the ground.    

I told you that we tried a new church two weeks ago and it was quite the culture shock for us. I had Cowtown last Sunday, so I wasn't able to go. So we were excited to go back with an open mind. All of us were ready with an hour to spare. Oh, and this is the first time in my life I wore jeans to a Sunday morning church service. Lord forgive me.  

So, we are driving to church and Jerry did something that made me laugh! I rarely 'LOL' at anything because nothing is funny enough to laugh out loud to me. Jerry turns up the radio all the way making it annoyingly loud and he yells "I'M JUST GETTING US READY FOR CHURCH!" The music there is a little louder than I would like, I'm unfamiliar with the new Christian songs, I still love old gospel music, but I'm getting there. I've been out for a long time and I'm getting back into the swing of things. I am not ashamed to admit that Jerry and I both put God on the back burner and even turned that burner off. 

I checked Bailey in, got my 'actin' a fool' sticker, with my number on it.  Heaven help Bailey if her number is EVER on that screen and I have to go get her. I dropped her off at children's church, and took my seat in my nice padded chair at the back of course. I'm not ready to move up yet. Baby steps people. I'd like to interview God about all this nonsense though.  Why are people just hanging out in the foyer during the sermon? Why are people bringing their Starbucks into the sanctuary?  I love coffee, but jeez,  I can do without it for an hour and a half for crying out loud. You can pay your tithe and offerings online too! Pretty soon, they will have a PayPass on the chair in front of you. I'm only joking about the PayPass, but again so much has changed and I just need to start accepting it, except for that part after the music where you have to meet somebody you don't know, go shake their hand. Lets just say that's my least favorite part. I never liked that part growing up either, it's awkward.  

The service was great. We really like the pastor and the way he preaches. Today he preached about living a sacrificial life by Genuine worship, Investing in other people, Value your resources, and Enlarging your circle. Romans 6:13

I believe everything happens for a reason. There's a reason I saw a fellow teacher driving in my neighborhood who referred me to a great babysitter. She is down the street from me and runs a daycare out of her home. After two years there, it was time for Bailey to move on and that babysitter referred me to a daycare out of a church, and that's why we are going to that church now. It feels good to go to church. It makes me feel better about myself, because Lord knows I sin, but I feel like a better mother to Bailey and wife to Jerry. It makes me a better Christian most importantly.

If you would like to attend, it's Chapel Creek Fellowship, a nondenominational church on Academy Blvd. in White Settlement.

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  1. Stumbled onto your blog. I go to Chapel Creek, or I used to. I haven't been in a few months but think I'm going to start again. I like the laid back atmosphere and the fact that you can wear jeans. I went to a dress/skirt only on Sunday morning Baptist church growing up. This is a nice change of pace. Maybe I'll see you there :)