May 22, 2011

Good Good Weekend!

What a good weekend. This is a weirdo weekend for us. Friday night, we ate at home and watched Sherlock Holmes and Gran Torino. Both excellent movies and highly recommend. Saturday we slept in. Bailey turned on her own TV and left us alone. We slept until 8:30ish! That is very odd in this house. It's usually, "Momma can you put this dress on my barbie" in a very whiny voice. We got up on our own will and My Lover made breakfast, biscuits and gravy, sausage gravy that is! I made coffee, sipped on it in my recliner and fell back asleep until 10! Again, Bailey left me completely alone. Usually she can't stand it if my eyes are closed. I finally got up, got ready, and we went to Bailey's double header T Ball game. (Team Ball as Bailey calls it.) It was hilarious, everytime a kid would hit all the kids would run after the ball and tackle each other to get the ball. Totally defeats the point of baseball, but it was cute to see her hit the dirt. We finished the night with some CiCi's because Bailey did so well and because it's cheap. We watched the Maverick's game and chilled again.

Sunday, we slept in again! We ate breakfast and layed around until it was time to get ready for the annual 'Falcon Fest'.  This is a little get together for all our 8th grade athletes. The coaches won this year and crushed the hearts of many 8th graders. Sorry, that's what we do.  We want to win those t shirts! We then rushed over to our friends that were having a diaper shower for their upcoming third kid next month. It was great! We played washers, drank some beer, had a shrimp boil, and Bailey played with all the other kids.

This was just the most chill relaxing weekend we have had in a very long time. We usually are on a mission to complete something every weekend.

May 13, 2011

That Just Happened

What are the odds a F0 tornado would hit my backyard? Apparently pretty good, because Wednesday, May 11th around 2:35ish, one did! The funny thing is that our neighbor called our alarm company, because we have a little sign in front of our house, and they gave her Jerry's number. Jerry almost didn't take the call, because he didn't recognize it. He called me and I quickly called Bailey's school to see if she was okay. When I drove up to my house and looked around, I immediately got sick to my stomach. We spend so much time in our backyard and have been working so hard to get Jerry's shop built. We were at the point of putting a roof on it.  He has spent countless hours on it, but I personally mixed all the cement the posts are in. On a freezing cold day, I helped him put up the walls. I mean I did get to use the nailer, which was fun, but not when your nose is dripping. Last weekend, we put up 11 trusses on a windy day and I'm scared of heights. So when we saw the pile of wood, we were just heart-broken, BUT it's just wood and we can rebuild it. The quicker we rebuild it, the quicker we tear down our other shed and my outdoor kitchen will go there!

I think this twister was a blessing in disguise. Yeah, my yard looks likes a gypsy camp currently, but it will look good again.  We needed to redo all our fence anyway. Our gates needed some attention. The builders used wooden posts, because they are cheap instead of doing it right with metal ones, so this way we can build it back the way it should have been built in the beginning. 

Bailey needed a new swing set.

Who doesn't like a new roof? 

Camper needed some minor repairs, now they can fix those along with these new repairs.

And with all the old wood from the fence I want to make faux windows and plantar boxes and sell them!

 Our gate flew into the side of the camper.
 It completely pulled the plug out.
 My poor surf board table. I found it on the complete other side of the pool.
 It blew the vent off the top off the camper and now our mattress is SOAKED!

 We found Bailey's slide a street over.

 We found part of this fence two streets over.
Even the posts that were metal were bent.

  I'm just thankful that Bailey was okay at her school, it didn't hit our house or my deck I love love love.
God is Good.

May 07, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Today, Jerry surprised me with a really cool Mother's Day gift. He got me a Scentsy candle with three different scents, one including my favorite scent Clean Breeze. I love things that smell clean. Maybe it's my OCD getting the best of me again. Yeah, I know it's probably lame to you, but this is a really good gift for Jerry. One year I got a gallon of sweet tea and for my birthday I got a plastic tiara and poinsettia (in front of my friend and I was so embarrassed). I'm not kidding people. Next to the volleyball he got me three years ago, this is the best Mother's Day gift Jerry has given me.

Today is Mother's Day. That's a tough one for me. My biological mother left me when I was 7 and my sister was 12.  I rarely saw her after that. When I did see her, she was getting drunk or high with her boyfriend and leaving me places you shouldn't even take children. My Dad remarried and unfortunately the step mother and I never saw eye-to-eye......ever.

Don't even feel bad. Don't. Don't you do it!!

Luckily, I married a great man. His name is Jerry Wayne. You may know him by "Lover".  He has the best mother on this earth.  You don't even know. He totally doesn't understand how lucky he was to grow up with such a loving and caring mother. I'm not kidding people. If Jerry said, I want a bubble-gum snow cone, she would be in the car finding the closest snow cone stand. If she couldn't find one she would find a way to make it at home. It drives me crazy how she is always trying to please people. She's so positive about everything  in life too. Gosh! I wish I could be that positive. She loved her boys unconditionally too. Even the nights Jerry came home 'Cooder Browne' drunk and passed out in her bedroom, she still loved him the next day. He wasn't kicked out of the house. He was never treated any differently.     Unconditional love.

Whenever I need someone to talk to, I can count on her. When I need someone to watch Bailey, I can ALWAYS count on her. She still loves me when I do bone-head things too. We won't even get into that though.

Today's Mother's Day definitely goes to my Mother-In-Law, Pamala Black. Is there a Mother Of The Year? If there is, she deserves its.  She has been there for me, us, Bailey countless times and I am so thankful that I married into this family. I've learned so much about unconditional love.  I love my mother-in-law and don't know what I'd do without her. I get a kick out of listening to women that hate their Mother-In-Law. It's hilarious!

Oh, and Bailey LOVES her Grammy so much too. I think she loves Grammy more than me sometimes. Well, you know I have to be the bad guy and say no.  She cries for a solid hour after leaving Grammy.
                     Happy Mother's Day Pam! I love you!