February 05, 2011


When I see snow I automatically think that's a copay waiting to happen.  Everytime it snows, which is so often here in Texas, I don't take Bailey out in it because I'm always afraid of her getting sick. She had already been sick this week and was on an antibiotic. Then I always feel like a bad mom for not taking her out and blah blah blah.  Okay okay, we're going to play in the snow! So, first timer for Bailey here.  Everytme it snows here, it's usually slushy and nasty if it even sticks. This was nice fluffy snow, snow I didn't mind playing in. I put on my big girl panties and got dressed. Then I bundled Bailey up with many layers and we all went out to build our first snowman! That's right, I've never built a snowman in my life. Oh yeah, because I hate cold weather.
As you can tell we had a great day in the fluffy snow and built an amazing snowman! We named him 'Tex'. I would say Daddy did 70% of it, Mommy did 29%, and Bailey 1%. Jake freaks out when he sees it too. My lab the scaredy cat.  I still don't know how people up north can put up with cold weather. That also reminds me. I need to give out a shout out to My Cranky Yankee Soul-Mate that lives in Chicago. She was litterally trapped in her house with 20" of snow and then went to work the next morning in 2 degree weather. You are my hero. I guess yankees are stonger than me. I'm not even asking for summer, just give me Spring!

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  1. Thanks buddy! I've got to take a lesson from you on how to update the blog so often. You're doing great. I'm pathetic.