February 07, 2011

I Fell Off The Wagon

So my doctor told me to stop drinking coffee. I did for two weeks, not even tea. Tea has more caffiene in it than coffee incase you didn't know. Endured some headaches, but here's the thing: I'm still shaking and I'm not going to drink decaffeinated coffee when it does nothing for me, except stain my teeth.  Then that means I have to bleach my teeth,  which means I have to sleep with those gook-filled trays in my mouth, which means my grill is super sensitive all week, which means it makes it difficult to eat or drink, which means I can't touch paper towels or fleece, which means I'm constantly running my tongue over my teeth, which means wretchedness.

I'm going to be happy in life. So now, I stop at my favorite gas station, QT, and fill my cup with approximately 2 inches of cappuccino and then fill the rest with decaff coffee. I don't get the large cup either, I get the small 16 ounce cup. I have convinced myself there is more sugar than caffeine in cappuccino. That is how I have justified 'falling off this wagon' of caffeine.

Maybe it's just the addiction of wanting to stop and waste $1.07 every morning? Maybe I have an addiction that I have to use my debit card daily or I'm not happy? Maybe it's just that I like having something to drink on my way to work? Maybe I'm really addicted to caffeine?

 It is sad what a person will do to fix their addiction. Thank God I don't do drugs.

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