February 01, 2011

Bailey Booger Black

What a different weekend.  I'm now going on my sixth day of it since school is cancelled tomorrow AGAIN due to ice and little snow. I haven't put on a bra in three days. My hair is in a nice messy bun, because I'm not going to wash it unless I have somewhere to go. It's really good for Bailey since she is getting over a double ear infection (thank God we already paid the daycare and won't get a late fee since we haven't been there all week), but not so good for me. I am like a caged animal in this house ready to break out! I've cleaned this house for two days and have nothing left to clean. I've even cleaned bathrooms. I cleaned the hardwood floors, which I hate! I organized the junk drawer.  I'm not about to get on the roads since I am a big scaredy cat and I'm a terrible driver,  but Jerry's not scared and he took us out today. He knew Bailey and I were B-O-R-E-D!  After a quick trip to Wal*Mart, we all wanted to come home! Slippin' sliddin' and the wind chill was a doozie! We made beans for dinner and we needed cornbread! You can't have beans without cornbread people, it's the law! And I mean sweet cornbread, southern style! I bundled Bailey up like nobody's business and we got our cornbread mix, this fairy Barbie doll Bailey had to have, and a new comforter for my room. That's right, I got a king size quilt comforter at Wal*Mart for $24.00 bucks, because the $200 comforter we got at Dillards makes me wake up as though I have broken a fever every night. I'm very cold natured but that thing is ridiculously hot! So, I fixed that, and it still matches the chocolate/teal theme of my room. If you were wondering.

Bailey is feeling better, a little whiny, but is still complaining about her left ear. I'm waiting for those antibiotics to kick in for the love! Having a sick kid is the worst thing on earth. I would rather have....well a lot of other things. Until you have kids you have no clue either. It seems as though they get sick all the time, and it's a $50 dollar bill by the time you pay copay/meds/chick-fil-a, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

So, tonight Bailey was so exhausted that she feel asleep on Daddy after dinner. When she woke up, by me pestering her of course, I tried convincing her that her name was Bailey Booger Black. It was priceless! She wasn't going to have that. She was getting so mad. She said, "My name is just Bailey!"  I think Bailey Booger Black rings a bell actually.

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