June 23, 2011

Let's Talk Bailey Bear

I LOVE when she brushes or plays with my hair. Yesterday, I asked her if she wanted to play with my hair and she said, "No, I don't want to miss Bubble Guppies" and ran to her room. She's really into her TV shows right now. Poor thing can't play in our backyard right now because we still have no fence or a swing set. This child has GOT to be going through a growth spurt. She will NOT stop eating. Every 10 minutes I hear, "I'm hungry" in a whiny voice. I don't know which is more annoying, when they won't eat or when they won't stop eating. I looked in my baby book and Bailey was and is bigger than me at every check up by two pounds or a whole inch in height. That's awesome! Come on 6'+ athlete!!  Bailey has many of my qualities, mainly the bad ones. She bites her nails. If she can't figure something out, she will throw it and start crying. NO patience what-so-ever.  She is meticulous though. She likes to figure things out like mazes, she won't stop until she figures it out, like braiding hair, drawing stars, snapping her fingers, whistling, and tying her shoes are a few I can name right off. My favorite is when she is in her room and she yells, "Mom, can you come clean my room!?" She doesn't like it when her room is dirty. She ran outside while Jerry and I were working on the shop to show me that she cleaned her room. I have no idea where she gets that from?

"We can play Duck-Duck-Goose with my dolls, they know how to play." -Bailey

I picked her up from school today, yes she goes to school on Tuesday's and Thursday's to keep her spot for the fall. It's really great though, she's gets to keep learning, have fun water days, have social interaction with other kids, and it's not such an adjustment when school starts back up.  I'm not gonna lie, I enjoy having some quiet Mommy time, cleaning house alone, and running erands A LOT quicker.

You know what's not cool? Getting a school supply list in the summer! Bailey starts Pre-K in the fall, she attends a Christian Academy. Her school gave me a ridiculous list of supplies. Is it a typo, why does my daughter need 16 glue sticks, 8 regular and 8 large? Not to mention, she will have to start wearing a uniform. Boooooo! She's going to hate not wearing pink every day.  Khaki, tan, or blue are not her colors. My little diva.

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