February 27, 2011

My Cowtown Experience

You know I CAN'T write a blog without being ugly and honest. So with that said, why do men think it's okay to run without a shirt? Moles, freakles, birthmarks, backne, hair, skin & bones are not attractive! Is a shirt that heavy? Heck they make that dri-fit crap now that's virtually weightless, put one on for the love! So, unless you a have '300' Gerard Butler body, keep your shirt on! Next,when you are running TRY to put your empty cups in a trash can, it's not that hard to hold it for a few more seconds until you get to a trash can. People have to pick all that crap up. People volunteer to support runners, they are not getting paid you litter bugs! When you start a race, get in the correct corral. That means get in the right heat according to your mile time. If you know you don't run a 9:00 minute mile, then don't get in Corral 2 so people don't have to hurdle your butt when you start walking at the first turn. Last thing, if you're wearing a tutu, first off you're dumb, then you're not serious about this and stick to the Jingle Bell Run or some fun-run elsewhere.

Today was a special day for me. I had been training for a marathon for a few months now, by myself. Word of advice: you can NOT just go out there and run a marathon, you have to train for it.  Every weekend consisted of a long run and a few runs during the week. I would do weights once or twice a week. It's really not that hard, just very time consuming and you gotta find ways to keep motivated. That is why I had the 26.2 sticker to keep me motivated. It may seem dumb to you, but it is big time for me, and it will forever make me remember the hours of hard work I put into this marathon. NO, I will not have it on my car forever, just one year and then I will take it off.  Unfortunately you do feel guilty with wasting so much time running, so I would get up early enough to run so I didn't leave Jerry with Bailey all the time and I could still enjoy the weekend with them. I would run on the treadmill if was too cold outside. I would run on my conference so I didn't take away from family time. I planned everything around my runs. I was really getting tired of it too. I'm so thankful this day has finally come and I reached one of my goals. I finished 16th in my age division (30-34) man I hate being 30!  I was 6 seconds away from being 15th place, dangit! I finished in 4:16 with a 9:51 mile time. The person who finished 1st in my division had a mile time of 7:48 and finished in 3:24. That's insanely fast and there's no way in God's green earth I would ever beat that. Good job homegirl!

The race goes by so fast. I looked down at my Nike+ and it said I was already at mile 7! Geez! I started the race off real slow so I wouldn't tucker out at the end and it helped. (Thank you Amy G.)  The last two miles I probably passed 20 people. There was the biggest, longest incline at mile 9. I was very thankful at that time that I live in a neighborhood that doesn't have one flat area. I have to go run along the access road of 820 for flat land and I just run back and forth, which still has a slight incline. I broke this race up into three parts. Mile 10 so I could see Jerry, mile 20 to see Jerry again, and the finish! You have to break it up or you will die. When I hit mile 20, Jerry started running with me for a 1/4 of a mile. He told me I looked hot and slapped my flat butt and went back to meet me at the finish line.  He's so great.  Did I say the race goes by so fast? I lied. At mile 20 and thereafter, the marathon only begins and it takes FOREVER! Your body is so done and you just have to play mind games to keep going. You try to forget about all the pain, you even resort to talking to people to keep your mind off everything. I finished strong and even sprinted at the end. Another good thing is that I didn't pee or poop on myself like I have heard some runners doing.

Somebody said that if God gives you a talent, a way to pay him back is to use it. (That actually came from Uncle Jessie on a Dukes of Hazzard episode.) Regardless, I can run for days without stopping and I think I used that talent today and I do thank God first and foremost. Secondly, I want to thank My Lover, Jerry, for being there for me today. He stayed with me before the race started, ran back to the truck to get my pre-race goo pouch, watched me get started, met me at mile 10 with my fuel, met me at mile 20 with more fuel, ran with me, and then saw me cross the finish line. I want to thank my mother-n-law for always being there with her camera ah blazin' to support everything I do (again the mother I never had), and my friends Josh and Michelle. I love you guys! I want to thank all my family, teachers, and friends who supported me through this and kept me going. A marathon is tough. I mean tough.  It truly is the hardest thing I have done in my life. I would go back to a miserable volleyball practice with the worst coach on earth than do that again, at least for today anyway. Indian tempo ladies!

I use to think running was all mental. "Is that all you got" is what I would tell myself to keep myself going. I used to think it was 90% mental and 10% physical. WRONG.  It's more like 50% mental, 50% physical when it come to a marathon. Whatever it is, it was truly rewarding for me. 

26.2 Holler!

February 20, 2011

So I haven't been an angel.

This has been a great weekend! We ate Jason's Deli Friday night, first time we have eaten out in a long time. It's kinda our goal to see how long we can go without eating out. I was just craving a bunch of salad and it's the only buffet I condone.  I had my last long run Saturday morning. Thank God for tapering. I saw a t-shirt that said, "While you were sleeping in, I was running." That's the truth Lover. The wind was a doozie and my mile time drastically improved during mile 5 when a Chihuahua started chasing me. I would have turned around and kicked it if I didnt' love Chihuahuas so much. Aye Aye Aye! Then we all got dressed, ate lunch at The Olive Garden, and then I got new tires! Yes, four new tires! No more bald tires that are all different sizes and brands AND I got a sweet hook up from an old high school friend. Oh, yeah and I now have a spare tire. I know! I haven't had a spare tire in quite some time. What if you would have had a flat Brandi? I would have ran to where I need to go! Then, I dragged Jerry to Sam Moon. Jerry hates. Bailey likes. We went to church this morning and then grilled hamburgers in the Blackyard (that's the backyard incase you can't figure it out). Good weekend.

I started going to church when my Dad remarried, so I went to Sunday morning, Sunday evening, Wednesday night church since I was seven years old. We even went Thursday nights when it was family gym night. I'm not going to complain about that, because that's where I started my love of volleyball and started playing at 8 years old. When I moved out I stopped going. I got tired of being dragged down to the altar. I'm not going to lie, I haven't been to church in a long time. I would occasionally go when I was home from college, if I didn't have a hangover, but not too often. It's one thing to not go when you don't have kids, but there comes a time when kids need church, that is if you're a Christian.  We have been wanting to try the church where Bailey attends school, Chapel Creek Fellowship, a nondenominational church, so finally this morning, we did. They have three different services, so there's NO excuse why you would miss church. Genius.

This is where my blog may get hairy: Please don't tell me about your church, I'm not going to visit it.

What happened to church?!!  I remember the beating of Sunday School, the hours of preaching, wearing dresses, panty hose, heels, hair had 3 pounds of  Rave in it, you bring your Bible, you got the option of using the church's Bible incase you didn't have yours, hymns, uncomfortable pews, long altar calls, and hour long fellowship with people after church while you were dying to eat lunch. Man my church sucked. Lord forgive me, but it did.

First, everybody is in jeans in this 'contemporary' church! Like denim. Including the preacher. No tie. No suit. Just jeans and a button up shirt. They call him by his first name too! The music is nothing like what I grew up in. Yeah, we had guitars, a piano, drums, and a base player. Oh by the way I grew up in an Assembly of God Church and Jerry grew up Nazarene. You probably don't even know what that is. Google it. This church was different. It was like a Christan concert during the music part. It was so loud, there were three guitar players, a keyboard player, drums, base player, three singers, and lights flashing creating a pretty cool lighting effect. I was waiting for pyrotechnics. Why wasn't church like this when I grew up? Have I been out of the church loop that long?

I always hated growing up, kids would ask what religion you are and I had to explain my penecostal/assembly of God background. I would always hear, "I'm baptist". Okay. Who cares as long as you believe in the Lord. Maybe that's why there's more nondenominational churches now. Pretty cool if you ask me. This church had the projector to display everything you need including the bible you didn't bring, your assigned number for when your child is acting a fool. They even go as far as to giving you a church program with the sermon on it with notes, and you can fill in blanks. When did Christians get so lazy? Sheesh.

Overall, very different church experience than what I was expecting. I guess I'm just old fashion and was looking forward to singing, "I'll Fly Away" or "Amazing Grace".  Next Sunday I have Cowtown, but the following Sunday, this family will be going back to broaden our church horizons.

Today's sermon was 'Being Confident In God and taking the plunge'. I think we took the plunge today.
'Trust in the Lord with all your heart & do not lean on your own understanding.'  Proverbs 3:5 (NAV)

February 16, 2011

Grammy & Bailey

I grew up with only one set of grandparents and they were married for 50+ years. I stayed over there quite often growing up. We called my grandfather BoBo, and he was definitely my favorite. I use to love scrathing lottery tickets off with him, looking at his coin collection, watching movies with him, and LOVED eating his Ramon Noodle soups. BoBo always paid the ten more cents my parents wouldn't and got the Ramen in the styrofoam cups. My Grandma scared me. One time I tickled her foot while she was asleep and she kicked me into the wall. Although I did learn my lesson, she left a lasting impression on me.

I adore the fact Bailey is so close to her "Grammy." I love it when I get on to Bailey, she will cry, "I want my Grammy!" Bailey will talk to her on the phone and ask to spend the night with her. She spends the night with Grammy a lot. When I pick her up there are toys scattered from one end to the other. They have a blast together. Grammy gets nothing productive done. Grammy lets Bailey play on her computer and will teach her how to play games on it. They take Bailey on trips to Wichita Falls. I don't think there's a visit that goes by that MaMa Nell, Bailey's Great Grandmother, or Grammy haven't bought her an outfit or toy. Spoiled!  The best times are when I see them cook together. Grammy is so patient and lets her help. I  wish everybody could grow up with a 'Grammy'.

They are making a Wacky Cake here, Pappy's favorite.

February 12, 2011

Oh, How I Loathe....

5.)  Getting Gas. It's scary how far I push it. I've ran out of gas many times.
4.)  Taking my make up off at night. I just want to go to bed! 
3.)  Emptying the dishwasher. Especially the silverware part. It's neverending.
2.)  Mating Socks.  I don't. If Jerry doesn't mate them I will just throw them in a drawer and pick them out as I need them. What an incredible waste of time.
 1.)  My all time number one hatred in life is GROCERY SHOPPING! I loathe grocery shopping, but I like eating at home, so you have to do it. Lets start. Is there a good cart? You call it a buggy, don't you?  I can't help but think of the multitudes of germs on it while I have white knuckles and Bailey's wallering around in it.  I'm going to throw out a statistics that I feel is true, 72% of us shop at the dreadful WalMart. Yes, we do our grocery shopping where you can get an oil change, your hair did, get a mani and pedi, eat, and get family portraits while you grocery shop. I'm convinced any produce on it's way out gets shipped to WalMart. Groceries are so expensive! Can I get a green stamp? People always have their cart in front of the item I need. You have to say "excuse me" in a very soft voice every time you walk in front of someone. You feel guilty for getting any junk food. I personally can't shop without a list with planned out meals on it. I hate those trips I have to keep the calculator in my hand.  Then you get to go spend your evening in line because there's only 2 check-outs open. With that said, whoever invented self-check-outs should be shot!  You gotta make sure you don't leave any of your items on that big turning bag thing. Don't even get me started on the lack of customer service. Now you get to load all your crap in your vehicle, unload it when you get home, and then put it all up after throwing out all your spoiled items that are now growing furr. Then you have 152 plastic bags that you save for whatever reason, because that cashier puts one item in each bag. (Well you can always bring your own bags for environmental purposes Brandi. Yeah, okay.) 

Guess what? You get to do this all again in two weeks!

I wish food was just a hobby instead of a necessity. It would not be one of my hobbies.

February 11, 2011

Terrible 3's - Don't read unless you're a parent and have a personality.

Happy Friday people. This was a great day, despite Bailey waking up at midnight puking like a cat everywhere. Not once but twice. I had to give her a bath this morning because she smelt like Jake's breath, but that's after I checked her temperature and it was a lovely 102.3. That means no daycare and somebody has to stay home with her. NOT IT!!  I wish the higher their temperture was the healthier they are somedays. Jerry is staying home with her because I have a basketball game. Sucker! Get ready for a long boring day with a clingy whiny baby!

Don't have kids. They are always sick. You're always taking off work, going to the doctor,  paying a co-pay and picking up prescriptions. Then you are worried you're stumping their growth. Daily vitamins. They destroy your body. They're always crying. They're always whining if they are not crying. They are so needy. So much attention. You're always cooking because you can't afford to eat out. You're always cleaning. You're always picking up toys. They're dirty. You're always doing laundry. You're always emptying that damn dishwasher. You're always loading that damn dishwasher.  Nothing's good enough. You give an inch they take a mile. You say five minutes until bed, they yell SIX! You have to read to them. They always want you to hold them. They tire so easily. They never want to go to bed. They never eat good food, just a butt load of crap food. They ruin dinner every night. You feel guilty if you don't brush their teeth everyday.  All they do is mess up their room. All you do is clean up that room. If the suns out, you have to take them outside. You have to play 'they throw the ball and you fetch it'. If you tell them to NOT do something, they are going to do it.  You have to put them in every activity so you gave them the chance in life to be 'well rounded'. They're always touching your acne-prone face. They can't stand it if you have your eyes shut for even a minute.  Daycare is expensive. You always have to bring something for a class party. Think of what you can do with that $600 bucks each month.  They get your car dirty. Fingerprints on everything. You have to have small utensils for them. You have to have sippy cups for them. They spill everything. You have to have bright colored plastic plates incase they drop them.  You find petrified cheerios, fruit snacks, and raisins everywhere. They can't do anything by themselves until they are three years old, and then it's a battle to get them to do it. Sometimes they love bathtime, sometimes they hate it. You still have to wipe them. You always have to cut their nails that grow mach 5. Haircuts! They are constatly falling and hurting themselves. They always want damn CiCi's. They don't know the difference between a toot coming or a crap coming. We shart ourselves in CiCi's once. We can't go back. They want your phone every freakin time you are on it. They interrupt. If you have a girl you're really screwed. Sometimes they want a bow in their hair, sometimes they want a pony-tail. They cry when you brush it. You have to teach them to have morals and self respect so they don't get knocked up at 15. Then you get to pay for a wedding only after you pay for their college, prom dress, and mums.  Abstinence is good.

BUT, you wouldn't give them up for all the money in the world.

February 07, 2011

I Fell Off The Wagon

So my doctor told me to stop drinking coffee. I did for two weeks, not even tea. Tea has more caffiene in it than coffee incase you didn't know. Endured some headaches, but here's the thing: I'm still shaking and I'm not going to drink decaffeinated coffee when it does nothing for me, except stain my teeth.  Then that means I have to bleach my teeth,  which means I have to sleep with those gook-filled trays in my mouth, which means my grill is super sensitive all week, which means it makes it difficult to eat or drink, which means I can't touch paper towels or fleece, which means I'm constantly running my tongue over my teeth, which means wretchedness.

I'm going to be happy in life. So now, I stop at my favorite gas station, QT, and fill my cup with approximately 2 inches of cappuccino and then fill the rest with decaff coffee. I don't get the large cup either, I get the small 16 ounce cup. I have convinced myself there is more sugar than caffeine in cappuccino. That is how I have justified 'falling off this wagon' of caffeine.

Maybe it's just the addiction of wanting to stop and waste $1.07 every morning? Maybe I have an addiction that I have to use my debit card daily or I'm not happy? Maybe it's just that I like having something to drink on my way to work? Maybe I'm really addicted to caffeine?

 It is sad what a person will do to fix their addiction. Thank God I don't do drugs.

February 06, 2011

Top 10 Things I'm Bad At

10.) Sitting Still. - I have a hard time just chillin' and relaxing. My leg is going mach 3 currently and I am still drinking decaff.  My OCD gets the best of me always. I find something that needs to be done. Those hardwood floors aren't going to clean themselves. I will finally sit down and put my blanket on me and think to myself, "I should wash this blanket." I get up and wash it of course, and so on, and so on. It's neverending.

9.) Technology. - Jerry says that I don't suck at it as much as I don't care about it. I swear I can never get a TV to switch to DVD and then back to TV in this house. It drives me crazy! I have to call Jerry at work daily during the summer to get the TV's to do what I want. I can barely work my iphone, my ipod has had the same music on it for years that Jerry loaded, I have no desire to have a Nook or Kindle, or anything else that has to be updated on this computer.

8.) Weedeating. - This is just a man's job, that's all there is to that. Everytime I give it another try I damn-near sever my foot right off.  I remember growing up and my Dad would weedeat barefoot. How Gary? 

7.) Reading. - I will start a book, get half way through it, and quit.

6.) Gardening. - Although I love doing it and it's so rewarding when you can grow your own food, I'm terrible at it. I overwater. I underwater. All I can grow is jalapenos. I kill all herbs with ease. Gardening is like math to me, I love to do it, but I'm terrible at it.

5.) Painting. - It's the worst. It's always a mess. I leave streaks. I will paint a room and by the time I am done I have paint all over the carpet and trim. There's not enough plastic for this girl.

4.) Trying New Things. - I order the same thing everywhere I eat. I do the same routine week in and week out. I don't like change.   

3.) Cooking. - I love cooking and it seems as though when I really try to make a good meal, it turns out real bad. My cooking is abysmal. Then again when I am just jacking around and throwing stuff in a pot and throwing seasonings off it in, it turns out really good. Whatever. I leave cooking to Jerry now.

2.) Loading The Dishwasher. - What an art! I get like four big bowls in there, it's already full and I still have a sink full of dishes. So I end up hand washing all my dishes. 

1.) Singing. - The other weekend I was getting ready and I was singing Leanne Rimes' song, 'Blue'. I got to the good part 'bluuuuuuue'-my chocolate lab starts howling. No lie people or exaggeration here. Jerry came in the bathroom and said, "did that just happen?"

February 05, 2011

Fancy Meeting You Here, Adien

It's a typical Saturday night for My Lover and I, or My Lover and me, whatever sounds good to you. We are chillin' and watching our Netflix that came in the mail today. Yay! We ate lunch with Jerry's parents at Red Dragon, a Chinese restuarant, clearly. I think buffets are the devil by the way. When I am president, I am going to outlaw buffets. Goodbye Ryans. Goodbye Furr's. Goodbye Golden Corral (you made two-a-days hell in college). Goodbye CiCi's and so many more! The only buffet that can stay in business is Texas de Brazil. Although it could apply to whatever state you are living in. Ex: Illinois de Brazil, Okies de Brazil, etc.

After a quick trip to Academy we made 'the drop.' Oh yes, THE DROP! We left the rug rat with Grammy! Whenever we drop Bailey off with Grammy we refer to it as 'the drop' and then we run like the dickens to the truck and yell, "WE'RE FREAKIN' FREE!" It's just something we have always done, so we like to keep the tradition alive. If you don't have kids, pick up your jaw and shut up! You don't even know.

One of the treats Netflix blessed us with was Sex In The City 2. The first SITC, I was at the midnight show, but life got too busy and I didn't get time to see the second one. I'm glad I didn't waste my time or money.

This was the worst movie I have seen in a very long time. I'm not even into fashion or their life-styles, but it's just a television show I have always been into. This movie was ridiculous! Sadly, the first one was much better. Carrie is a hoity-toity bitch. Samantha is the biggest 75 year old slut. Charlotte is nieve as ever. Miranda is, well Miranda. The best part is when Carrie just so happens to run into Aiden in the country of Ahubie Daubie!! Are you serious? Who were the writers of this movie? Of course she is going to engaged herself in some form of action for story purposes. They kiss each other. Who cares?!! What a joke. The acting was terrible and I really hope that is the last SITC movie they ever make.

Good riddance on Sex In The City movies.


When I see snow I automatically think that's a copay waiting to happen.  Everytime it snows, which is so often here in Texas, I don't take Bailey out in it because I'm always afraid of her getting sick. She had already been sick this week and was on an antibiotic. Then I always feel like a bad mom for not taking her out and blah blah blah.  Okay okay, we're going to play in the snow! So, first timer for Bailey here.  Everytme it snows here, it's usually slushy and nasty if it even sticks. This was nice fluffy snow, snow I didn't mind playing in. I put on my big girl panties and got dressed. Then I bundled Bailey up with many layers and we all went out to build our first snowman! That's right, I've never built a snowman in my life. Oh yeah, because I hate cold weather.
As you can tell we had a great day in the fluffy snow and built an amazing snowman! We named him 'Tex'. I would say Daddy did 70% of it, Mommy did 29%, and Bailey 1%. Jake freaks out when he sees it too. My lab the scaredy cat.  I still don't know how people up north can put up with cold weather. That also reminds me. I need to give out a shout out to My Cranky Yankee Soul-Mate that lives in Chicago. She was litterally trapped in her house with 20" of snow and then went to work the next morning in 2 degree weather. You are my hero. I guess yankees are stonger than me. I'm not even asking for summer, just give me Spring!

February 03, 2011


I have been stuck in my house going on 7 1/2 days. I had to get out! WE had to get out! I've had just about all the Bailey I can take. (Grammy!!!) I text my friends, "I gotta get out, I don't care if I die." After a quick workout I got Bailey ready with excitement. I got myself ready. Heck, I even put on perfume! I hadn't taken a shower in three days. I'm not sure if I brushed my teeth either. I know, I know!  I CAN assure you my hair did NOT get brushed.  I think I was starting to stink.

That goes without saying I could never be a stay-at-home-mom. I have respect for them. A lot of respect. Give me a 70 hour work week! Does that make me a bad mom or bad person? I hope not. I'm just not cut out for that free life style. I need that routine or I will get fired kind of atmosphere. I could see how my days would be: I would sleep until 9:00, just in time to catch Rachael Ray, then The Price Is Right wishing I was on it, but never going to try to get on it, followed by Jeopardy wishing I was smart enough to be on it, but not going to apply myself, eat lunch, take a nap, and the rest of the day would be filled watching The Food Network. I would probably start drinking wine at 4:00, dinner wouldn't be prepared, I'd watch Wheel of Fortune and then my evening sitcoms.  My Lover would leave me and I would die. Bad news people.

Back to reality
So, we get out of the house. I skid down the drive way thankfully no mail box was behind me. I drove my bald tired 4Runner to the mall so I thought Bailey and I could eat a nice Chick-Fil-A lunch and play in "Germyland"!!!!

We get there. Alive. Joy. Oh, I forgot it's 12:30 and Bailey is tired! We should have just stayed home perhaps. She cried during our lunch that her chicken was too hot, she didn't want apple juice, she doesn't like french fries, and we didn't sit at the small table. I usually tough it out and sit at those kitty tables but skinny jeans and little tables don't mesh.

The Ridgemar Mall has a kid friendly play area that I personally call, "Germyland." You know what I'm talking about Moms! Desperate times call for desperate measures. It's nice, big, and they supposedly clean it from 2-3 daily. I should probably stay to observe one day. I should make sure it's 'Brandi Clean'.  Yeah right!

Alright! Germyland will fix her! I'm sitting there watching her play and have a good time. She was playing with a cute little playmate and I start taking mental notes of all that's wrong:::::: The kids that are too old to be in there make it not fun for the parents, not the young children, but for the parents that constantly have to watch their kid so they don't get trampled by the oversized kids. The parents that don't watch their kids or leave their kid there and go to a store close by. Really? I'm going to steal your kid to teach you a lesson! And you're gonna have to pay me money to get them back! It's not a daycare. Don't sit too close to me parent. Don't spark up a conversation with me. We're not friends. If you are going to take your rug rat there, keep socks on them while they play. Feet are grose. And please make sure they are clean socks for the love of God. Maybe that place would smell less like feet.  Don't allow your child to go up to other people. It's not cute. It's bothersome. Get them away quickly. I felt so sorry for this sweet couple that wouldn't just 'shew' this kid away that kept playing with their newborn's toys!!  I would have yelled "SCRAM!!" Social skills is what it is, social skills at an early stage of life. Bloomers mom. Then I was really sad because there was this larger boy playing and he was screaming at kids.  Abnormally screaming at kids, then natually with his actions he started getting bullied by these two boys, which is a completely other blog, but I looked around for his parents so they could stick up for their son and  teach him how to stick up for himself, but nothing. I couldn't find them. It took everything I had to not tell those two little punks off. I know bullying sucks, but where are the parents to help? Oh, probably in Footlocker. I just wanted to tell him don't take that shit fat kid! Punch them square in the face! That will learn them. Does that make you a better person? Yes, it does actually. You both learn a valuable lesson.  Don't take crap from people and don't mess with fat people. Then to top it off, there were these two guys that appanently thought that was an establishment to pick up women. One guy kept looking at me and then came and sat by me. No lie. Nice tatted on wedding ring.  Whatever. "We gotta go Bailey!  Get your shoes one and here's the anitibacterial soap!"

I thought that catastrophe was over, but NOOOO! She cried because we didn't have any cash on us to ride the pony merry-go-round, or ride the train. I thought I could make it up to her by taking her to the movies, but not one kid movie was showing.  There should be a law that a kid friendly movie always be showing.  We then went to the candy store and it was closed by the time we got back to it!!! HOW CAN THE CANDY STORE BE CLOSED?!!! 

Well, I'm batting a thousand.  Suprisingly Forever 21 didn't cure her either.  So we cried all the way out to the bald-tired-4Runner, slippin and slidin home crying, and proceeded with a long nap. Sheesh.

The only good part of this trip was when I gave Bailey a penny to throw in the fountain to make a wish, she yelled, "Santa!" I thought that was pretty funny. The only funny thing.

Just stay home.

Pasta Thursday

That's right people it's Pasta Thursday. I thought I would share my favorite pasta dish I make. It is super easy and cheap.

Penne Pasta with Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto
1  box of penne pasta
1 8.5 jar of sun-dried tomatoes w/olive oil
2 garlic cloves
1 packed cup of basil leaves
1/2 cup of grated parmesan
salt & freshly ground black pepper

As you can tell from my ingredients that I don't use grated parmesan cheese because I think it smells and tastes like feet. I use an Italian blend of cheeses, including mozzarella, as Giada would say 'mots-ah-le-la', provolone, romano, asiago, and parmeasan. It comes in a nice bag from Wal*Mart. I cheat on my garlic too, don't judge. I buy my basil at the store too, because I killed mine this summer. Apparently it needs water, not just sunlight.

Alright...boil that freakin water and salt it good once it comes to a roarin' boil. Add your pasta. Boil for 10 minutes and it will be perfectly "al dente". What the crap does that word mean? It means firm but not too hard. The stage where pasta is not under-cooked where it is hard or over-cooked where it is too soft and gummy as I call it. Firm to bite, whatever you get it now.
Meanwhile, blend the sun-dried tomatoes and their oil, garlic, salt, pepper, and basil in a food processor and blend until all is finely chopped.  VOILA....you made pesto!
Add the pesto, pasta, and cheese into a bowl and fold it all together. I always add a little of the pasta water to it for more moisture because I usually have it staying warm in the oven until My Lover gets home.

I'm not a pasta fan and Italian food is my least favorite food on earth, but this is very good and it makes enough for 4. Enjoy!

February 01, 2011

Bailey Booger Black

What a different weekend.  I'm now going on my sixth day of it since school is cancelled tomorrow AGAIN due to ice and little snow. I haven't put on a bra in three days. My hair is in a nice messy bun, because I'm not going to wash it unless I have somewhere to go. It's really good for Bailey since she is getting over a double ear infection (thank God we already paid the daycare and won't get a late fee since we haven't been there all week), but not so good for me. I am like a caged animal in this house ready to break out! I've cleaned this house for two days and have nothing left to clean. I've even cleaned bathrooms. I cleaned the hardwood floors, which I hate! I organized the junk drawer.  I'm not about to get on the roads since I am a big scaredy cat and I'm a terrible driver,  but Jerry's not scared and he took us out today. He knew Bailey and I were B-O-R-E-D!  After a quick trip to Wal*Mart, we all wanted to come home! Slippin' sliddin' and the wind chill was a doozie! We made beans for dinner and we needed cornbread! You can't have beans without cornbread people, it's the law! And I mean sweet cornbread, southern style! I bundled Bailey up like nobody's business and we got our cornbread mix, this fairy Barbie doll Bailey had to have, and a new comforter for my room. That's right, I got a king size quilt comforter at Wal*Mart for $24.00 bucks, because the $200 comforter we got at Dillards makes me wake up as though I have broken a fever every night. I'm very cold natured but that thing is ridiculously hot! So, I fixed that, and it still matches the chocolate/teal theme of my room. If you were wondering.

Bailey is feeling better, a little whiny, but is still complaining about her left ear. I'm waiting for those antibiotics to kick in for the love! Having a sick kid is the worst thing on earth. I would rather have....well a lot of other things. Until you have kids you have no clue either. It seems as though they get sick all the time, and it's a $50 dollar bill by the time you pay copay/meds/chick-fil-a, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

So, tonight Bailey was so exhausted that she feel asleep on Daddy after dinner. When she woke up, by me pestering her of course, I tried convincing her that her name was Bailey Booger Black. It was priceless! She wasn't going to have that. She was getting so mad. She said, "My name is just Bailey!"  I think Bailey Booger Black rings a bell actually.