March 15, 2011

Bailey's 4 Years Old - The Arrival...

The arrival of Bailey...
My original due date was March 13th 2007, but since I'm superstitious and hate the no.13, I told everybody during the entire pregnancy my due date was March 14th. SUCKERS!  My pregnancy went great, I wasn't sick one day. I carried my 80 pound volleyball poles daily. I told myself I wasn't going to get huge and keep working out. Well that didn't happen. I don't remember working out even once. Maybe that's why I gained 40 pounds and was HUGE!  Every doctor's appointment went fine and I ended up getting a total of 6 sonograms, one of those being the 3-D sonogram.  I was pretty lucky to have seen her that many times after talking to other people. I will never forget our first sonogram and Jerry was so relieved when they told us she had 4 chambers in her heart. Jerry was so worried about her heart since Brian had heart problems. Okay, I say everything went fine, except for the day they told me that we were having a girl. I said to the nurse, "you're kidding, right?" She was not amused and said, "I don't joke around with things like this." So, I started crying. We went out into the waiting room and I had to leave again. I bawled in the hallway and called my friend, Amber. Amber consoled me. I told myself throughout the pregnancy I didn't care what I had, as long as it was a healthy baby, but I had convinced myself so badly that I was having a boy. I was ridiculous with all that. Anyway, God gives you what you need and that I am thankful for. Back to good pregnancy.  It started getting difficult at the end of the pregnancy when everytime I would cough or sneeze I would pee on myself. I will never forget the time we were leaving Target and I started coughing so bad that I peed on myself and then threw up on Jerry's window. That was the worst 5 minutes I had during the whole 9 months. I was completely a good girl, I didn't drink, very very very little caffeine, I read to her, I read the weekly updates, "what your baby is doing." I didn't take any classes, heck if my parents can do it without classes, I can too. I always told myself, that if I ever had a girl, I would never do the nursery in stupid pink. Haa! Oh jeez, never say never.

You know, I always thought they got the dates a little messed up. They didn't think the date of my last cycle that I told them was correct after the first sonogram, so they took it upon themselves to make up a new date.  I begged to be induced on March 3rd, but my doctor doesn't like inducing his patients.  My doctor sucked. Then he went on vacation the week she was due! Darn Spring Break! So I had a random doctor deliver me. You don't really care who delivers you at that point, you just want that baby out. My cervix never softened and I'm convinced I would still be pregnant today if they wouldn't have induced me. They finally called me to come in March 14th and I was in my bed at 2:36pm after I had just stuffed my face with Jason's Deli. We got there and they had to put a cervidil in me to soften my cervix. Not just once, but twice! That's 16 hours of just laying there while my cervix is slowly softening. That's worst then the labor part for me.  I was only 1cm when March 15th rolled around and they started me on pitocin at 7:45am. Then they broke my water at 11:02am, by my new random doctor, I remember that not feeling pleasant at all. Oh yeah, I wanted to have her drug free, but I got to 4cm and screamed for Jerry to get me an epidural NOW! At 1:34 I got the best thing on earth, an epidural. It was a continuous IV, so it never wore off and I didn't feel a thing, until the next day of course. I new Bailey was big and I didn't want to tucker out and risk getting a C-Section. They told me she was just at 8 pounds. LIARS! At 4:30pm, I was finally at a 10 and started pushing. Over 2 hours of pushing, Bailey finally arrived weighing 10 pounds and 5 ounces. She was 23" long! She was born at 6:59pm. I asked the random doctor if we could just round it to 7:00 since I don't like the number 6, random doctor said, 'no.' Random doctor said that if he would have known she was going to be this big, we would have done a C-Section after having so much trouble getting her shoulders out. I tried to tell you guys the dates were wrong. She was overbaked!

Now, 4 years has passed since this wonderful experience. The time truly goes by so fast. I have a 4 year old!!

Daddy and I took the birthday girl to Chick-Fil-A for lunch, let her play in that playroom that smells like feet and always has that one really loud obnoxious kid that is too tall to be in there anyway. Then Mommy took her shopping, she wanted to go through the carwash, so we went through the carwash, we gave her one of her birthday gifts, then we waited on Grammy to get here so we could all eat dinner at CiCi's (Bailey's choice), and finished the night off in the Disney store. This kid loves Rapunzel and Grammy is a sucker for Bailey, so she made out like a bandit! We can't wait for her party this Saturday.

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