March 13, 2011

Weekend Project-Bailey's Room

I'm jamming to Jet Black and Jealous from Eli Young currently. Love it. One of my favorite things to do, is to get on my Itunes, close my eyes, just click, and listen to music.

My Top Songs of The Week:
Rainbow Stew- The Hag's version, not Jason Boland.
Nothin's News- Clint Black
Never Have To Crawl - (The Ticket's 1310)  Danny Balis
Islands In The Stream- Dolly and Kenny
American Saint- Bleu Edmonson
Lord I Hope This Day Is Good- Brandon Rhyder
Don't Ask Me About A Women- Easton Corbin (Yes, sounds just like King George)
Walkin' After Midnight- Patsy Cline
Oil Batch- Chris Knight
Johnny Cash & June Carter- Jackson

Last week sucked! Sucked Sucked Sucked. I had two middle school track meets, one of those we hosted, I helped with Richland High School's Track Meet (don't worry I'm still a true buff),  then it was 'Puberty Video Day in PE.' That is the only bad day about PE for the entire year. I don't want to answer questions when you will start your period or how to use a tampon! And I don't want to know if you have already started your period either. Sheesh! I need an extra stipend for that awkward day.

We partied with our cool neighbors on Friday night. Saturday, Bailey and I went to Chick Fil A with family members for lunch and then it was on! I went back home and got all this furniture that I had bought at a garage sale and painted it! It was originally yellow and green, so I painted it white with a little pink accent. It looks really good. Thank you Baer.  Every little girl should have white furniture! I HATE PAINTING! It's the worst!  It's a freakin mess! Bailey is going to be 4 on Tuesday and she is a big time girly girl (not my child), so she loved painting this stuff pink. She wanted all the yucky green out of her room and I wanted all the dark furniture out, so we hit it! We painted all day and we're exhausted.

We totally forgot to move our clocks forward, so I'm on the computer this morning just waiting to start getting ready for church and I look down at the time and it said 8:45. WHAT?!!! It's only 7:45, you...!!  I run in there and wake Jerry up and ask him if he wants to try to make the 9:00 service or just wait for the 10:30 service. He said, "nope, 9:00, let's go." So we rushed to get ready.  RUSHED!  I went to church with a pony tail and yesterday's make-up, Bailey went with wet hair, and Jerry looked like 'Cast Away.' We just knew we had a lot to do today. How many of you rush to church?! That's what I thought. Quite honestly, we have never done that before. We were scoffing our breakfast down in the truck. I'm digging going to church. We all dig it! I'm going to heaven. Whooo Hooo. 

We get back home, I call my seester to come help me, because Jerry is building his 'manshop' in The Blackyard and is in no mood for my shenanigans. The Manshop is looking good and there's more to come about that.  My sister, Misti, helps me finish up painting, moving out all the old furniture, moving in the new/old furniture, and deals with my OCD inndecisivness. I CAN'T HELP IT! The placement of furniture is very important people!! Feng Shui! I hate the curtains and I'm trying to find some cute valances. Look at my little rug rat reading. Love love love her!
So, all in all,  it was a nice productive weekend.

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