March 10, 2011


I never just blog for the heck of it! I'm usually on a blog mission! I have no mental notes on a predetermined blog here. I'm just gonna go with it. I am jamming to Chris LeDoux right now. One of my all time favorite songs is, "Tougher Than The Rest." I listen to it like 30 times before I move on to other songs. Jerry and I danced to "Look at You Girl" at our wedding. Weddings are ridiculous, but that's a whole other blog.  Dancing with each other was truly the best part of our wedding, and the carriage ride to our hotel, so we could get away from everything. We could escape all the drunk groomsmen getting out of their tuxedo's too early, the crazy photographer, people talking to us, the heat from Thistle Hill, and more. When we were on the carriage ride to our hotel, my veil flew off and some person on the street yelled, "you lost your veil" and started running for us so he could return it to me, I yelled back, "KEEP IT!"  I don't miss it.

10-4 Buddy come on back!

I am half way done with this track season. I like track. It's no volleyball. I am coaching pole vaulting. Let's try that again, I encourage the kids that do pole vaulting. I'm terrible. I get it and all. I am too afraid to try it myself. I tried 5 times yesterday and I'm too scared to let it take me up and rip my arms off my body. Have you seen my arms? My teammate in college called me "batgirl" when I would do bench. 80 was my MAX!!!Volleyball is not about strength, it's about arm speed! Anyway, I like it when it's good weather and kids try hard. I'm sick of kids that half-ass it. I'm tired of spending time away from my family for kids that have terrible attitudes and a shitty work ethic. I would rather lose with good, respectful kids then put up with creeps. Done. Come on Spring Break, I need you!

Bailey will be 4 years old in five days!!! Time goes by so fast. It just seems like yesterday we had her. All 17 pounds of her. Just kidding, she was only 10.5 pounds. Thank God I took a picture of her every morning for the first three years of her life. You forget how little they were. You forget how helpless they were and how you did everything for them, but you didn't mind. I am busy getting her party together. This is going to be the coolest party ever! Bailey LOVES Rapunzel right now, the new Tangled version, so we are having a Tangled Party. We can't wait for the movie to come out the 29th of this month! We have a castle, lanterns, canvas to paint, a Rapunzel cup-cake cake, Flynn Rider, Pascal, and more. Honestly I'm more excited about this party than Bailey I think. Jerry's mom is in charge of all the dainty food for the princesses. NO BOYS ALLOWED per Bailey, "Daddy can be Flynn Rider!"  We got her a Big Wheels, T-Ball set, Rapunzel towel, and a Rapunzel Scooter that I had to order online because Toys R Us sucks sucks sucks and doesn't sell them in their stores anymore. I need to put Toys R Us on  my 'What Grinds My Gears" list. They are the worst with ordering. You don't even wanna know what Jerry went through ordering Bailey's Jeep.  Luckily, I did get the scooter and it's all good. This is going to totally beat Elmo Party and certainly The Little Mermaid party.

My friend posed a very good question today, why do people from Texas use their full name when it comes to country music? Like Robert Earl Keen, Larry Joe Taylor, David Allan Coe, Earl Thomas Conley, Jerry Jeff Walker, etc. That's a very good question.  It's definitely a country thing, but nontheless, it's because Texas is the best and we can get away with it. I don't know, we're hillbillies Amanda Kathleen Carlson!

In college, I had 4 roommates, we all played volleyball for MSU, and 3 out of 5 of us are pregnant right now. That's crazy to me! Can time just slow down a little bit? I can't afford a 2nd kid right now and they need to wait for me! I hope my girls have big healthy babies: Amber, Aaron, and Heather! We are the 'Hazbinz' now, but will forever be remembered as 'Snaggle', 'Mullet', 'Muffin', 'Harvard', and 'Spike'....aka "JuCo All Stars +1."

Wow. This blog was random.

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