April 25, 2011

Broke Back Brandi Black

While Bailey is taking a bath and listening to the Disney channel on Pandora, I sit here with my heat pack on my lower back and counting down the minutes until I can take my muscle relaxer. I don't want to take it until Bailey goes to sleep AND I've never taken one before.  I hurt my back last Friday playing volleyball. Playing volleyball. Something I've been doing since I was underhand serving at 7 years old. All I did was pass the ball, some of you know it as "bump" the ball. As soon as I passed it, I just felt amazing pain in my lower back after the ball hit on my hands. For those of you who don't know volleyball, you don't pass on the top of your thumbs. It's ideal to use your forearms, anything else is a shank waiting to happen. I immediately walked off the court and rolled around on the ground in agony. I left school and laid on a heating pad for the rest of the night.  It hasn't got any better as of today, so I went to the doctor after bawling all day yesterday. The doctor started moving my legs and I started crying again. That sums up my pain level. Level 10 Doc. Write it down. They took X rays and she said my spine looks good, I'm just having severe muscle spasms. The only way she could detect a bulging disc is through an MRI and she's going to wait until I do some physical therapy. I don't believe in physical therapy. I got two shots in my hips and one of those was a steroid shot. Holy jeez, whoever invented that can die. Not only does it hurt like hell, it has made me nauseous all day.  I started bawling after that too. I am a hot mess right now.  I'm just praying that God makes this better, because I can't handle it. I look like an 80 year old woman when I walk, I can't even pick up my daughter, LJT is this weekend, and I'm suppose to play in a volleyball tournament next week.

The moral of this story is that I would not wish back pain on my worst enemy. There's not a whole lot of people I dislike, okay a few, but I wouldn't even wish this on them.

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