April 17, 2011

Team Black!

Let's play catch up!
Jerry threw me an awesome "30th" Birthday Party for my 30.25 birthday. It was exactly what I wanted on December 3rd, my actual birthday, but he made up for it on April 2nd. In fact, April 2nd is my new birthday. I'm no longer a Sagittarius. I had so much fun with my friends. The live band was amazing and I wish I could have that every Saturday night in my Blackyard. Thank you Josh and Michelle for all your work, and Kelli and Jeremy for driving from Oklahoma!

                                  I'm singing my Wagon Wheel song.
                                     Copperhead Road Dance
                                                 My Beautiful Cake!

Last weekend, Jerry worked hard on his 'manshed' as I call it. He built 9 trusses. What's a truss? A truss is a structure made up of one or more triangular units. He is using these trusses to make his roof. I am NOT looking forward to helping him put them up there since I am deathly aftraid of heights. While he was working on that, I was on pool duty. I drained the nasty green water, cleaned it with the big brush we have for our camper, and filled it. Bailey had a blast playing in it while it was filling up. I remember doing that as a kid. I remember my Dad putting in a new liner every other year and it was so much fun to play in the pool while it was filling up. I tried to get in there and play with Bailey before chemicals got in there, heck no! That water was too cold for me. 

This weekend was great. I had been wanting to take some frivolous family photos of various places near my house. I'm really digging photography right now. My dear mother-n-law came over and just snapped away at at everything I asked her to. We took pictures on a train track and all of those pictures turned out very well. I was quite pleased. Then lucky for us the farm next to that train track let us go in, take pictures and pet all their horses. Oh yeah we got to pet two bulls that came when she called their name. They were like dogs. Dogs that wanted a treat that is. We finished up there with a lot of good photos and headed for lunch. So we went to good ol' Freds. Love that place. We finished up by going through the stockyards.  I would love to start a little side job taking photos with Grammy. We could totally do it!







Grammy took the rug rat home and Jerry and I did the Warrior Dash today. The Warrior Dash is a 5K (3.24 hellish miles) with obstacles through out it. It was really fun. I think my Cowtown Marathon took every bit of energy I had out of me. I haven't worked out since then. I thought I would just 'wing' this 5k. Well, I could quickly tell my endurance level was not as high as I would like it to be. It was fun, but challenging. I'm so proud that Jerry has lost 90 pounds just exercising and eating better. Oh yeah, he stopped smoking too. He hasn't had a cigarette since the first week of October! 6 and half months! Back to his weight loss. Yeah, he still drinks plenty of beer and throws in a bad meal here and there, but he has done it the right way for once in his life. Without sounding so lame, he really made a 'life style' change. He has more energy than ever. He gets up at 4:00am to go run Monday through Friday, thank God for ear plugs.  He is up to 5 miles now. He gets excited when I give him a new route to run. He eats protein bars, fruit, vegetables, and actually takes the vitamins I lay out for him. He even bought some good Asics running shoes on his own. I'm so proud of Jerry, he did so well! He finished a few minutes behind me. In fact, when I was finished, I walked over to get our bag, walked back, and started cutting the tape off my ankles and he walks up and yells, "where have you been?!" I was shocked he was already finished. My bad Lover. He felt so accomplished today after doing the Warrior Dash that he made the lady put his medal around his neck. She tried to just hand it to him and he wasn't gonna have that. He got up closer to her and leaned his head down. She placed it around it neck and he got his picture taken. That made me laugh! I just grabbed mine from her hand and wanted all that mud off me! I'm glad he had the Warrior Dash to motivate him these past few months. I told him about the 15 mile El Scorcho race this summer. He said, 'El No' or was it hell no? I can't  remember.


Our results...
I got 14 out of 571 in my age division/792 out of 6801 overall, 32 flat with 10:19m Jerry got 137 out of 475 in his age division/1439 out of 6801 overall, 34:52 with 11:15m!!!!

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  1. Fun post! I love the family pics. They are beautiful. I also think what your husband is doing is AMAZING. Tell him I said, "You go boy!"