May 13, 2011

That Just Happened

What are the odds a F0 tornado would hit my backyard? Apparently pretty good, because Wednesday, May 11th around 2:35ish, one did! The funny thing is that our neighbor called our alarm company, because we have a little sign in front of our house, and they gave her Jerry's number. Jerry almost didn't take the call, because he didn't recognize it. He called me and I quickly called Bailey's school to see if she was okay. When I drove up to my house and looked around, I immediately got sick to my stomach. We spend so much time in our backyard and have been working so hard to get Jerry's shop built. We were at the point of putting a roof on it.  He has spent countless hours on it, but I personally mixed all the cement the posts are in. On a freezing cold day, I helped him put up the walls. I mean I did get to use the nailer, which was fun, but not when your nose is dripping. Last weekend, we put up 11 trusses on a windy day and I'm scared of heights. So when we saw the pile of wood, we were just heart-broken, BUT it's just wood and we can rebuild it. The quicker we rebuild it, the quicker we tear down our other shed and my outdoor kitchen will go there!

I think this twister was a blessing in disguise. Yeah, my yard looks likes a gypsy camp currently, but it will look good again.  We needed to redo all our fence anyway. Our gates needed some attention. The builders used wooden posts, because they are cheap instead of doing it right with metal ones, so this way we can build it back the way it should have been built in the beginning. 

Bailey needed a new swing set.

Who doesn't like a new roof? 

Camper needed some minor repairs, now they can fix those along with these new repairs.

And with all the old wood from the fence I want to make faux windows and plantar boxes and sell them!

 Our gate flew into the side of the camper.
 It completely pulled the plug out.
 My poor surf board table. I found it on the complete other side of the pool.
 It blew the vent off the top off the camper and now our mattress is SOAKED!

 We found Bailey's slide a street over.

 We found part of this fence two streets over.
Even the posts that were metal were bent.

  I'm just thankful that Bailey was okay at her school, it didn't hit our house or my deck I love love love.
God is Good.

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