May 22, 2011

Good Good Weekend!

What a good weekend. This is a weirdo weekend for us. Friday night, we ate at home and watched Sherlock Holmes and Gran Torino. Both excellent movies and highly recommend. Saturday we slept in. Bailey turned on her own TV and left us alone. We slept until 8:30ish! That is very odd in this house. It's usually, "Momma can you put this dress on my barbie" in a very whiny voice. We got up on our own will and My Lover made breakfast, biscuits and gravy, sausage gravy that is! I made coffee, sipped on it in my recliner and fell back asleep until 10! Again, Bailey left me completely alone. Usually she can't stand it if my eyes are closed. I finally got up, got ready, and we went to Bailey's double header T Ball game. (Team Ball as Bailey calls it.) It was hilarious, everytime a kid would hit all the kids would run after the ball and tackle each other to get the ball. Totally defeats the point of baseball, but it was cute to see her hit the dirt. We finished the night with some CiCi's because Bailey did so well and because it's cheap. We watched the Maverick's game and chilled again.

Sunday, we slept in again! We ate breakfast and layed around until it was time to get ready for the annual 'Falcon Fest'.  This is a little get together for all our 8th grade athletes. The coaches won this year and crushed the hearts of many 8th graders. Sorry, that's what we do.  We want to win those t shirts! We then rushed over to our friends that were having a diaper shower for their upcoming third kid next month. It was great! We played washers, drank some beer, had a shrimp boil, and Bailey played with all the other kids.

This was just the most chill relaxing weekend we have had in a very long time. We usually are on a mission to complete something every weekend.

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