June 05, 2011


Bailey had a T ball game Saturday morning, 'team' ball as she calls it. Grammy took the rug rat home with her after the game. That was que for Jerry and I to have a little date night. We went to Pappadeux and enjoyed some shrimp, lobster and king crab legs. We never eat sea food, so we splurged. We went down to the Stockyards and walked around, then finished the night with a movie.

You know what else we never do? GO TO THE MOVIES! It gets expensive, it's loud, I don't like people sitting that close to me, it's hard for me to sit still through an entire movie, I get annoyed at people that talk, I get aggrivated with kids that are too young to be out without any parental guidance, but I especially get annoyed with guys sitting next to me that CHEW THEIR POPCORN WITH THEIR MOUTH OPEN! Did his mother not teach him to chew with his mouth shut? My four year old chews food with her mouth closed, nor does she talk with food in her mouth. Can he not hear himself smacking? Is there really anything worst than smacking of food in one's mouth?

THEN,  his girlfriend sitting next to him laughed unbelievably loud, awful awful laugh, at parts that were not even remotely funny. (ex: She started laughing because the monkey was wearing a Rolling Stones jean jacket in the movie The Hangover II) See, it was ridiculous! Did she just want people to hear her? Is that her way of getting attention? Then she was on her phone the entire movie! I could see her lit up screen in my peripheral the entire time. I tried to move, but the theater was already packed. 

I'll stick to taking Bailey to movies and watching my movies on Netflix.

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