July 15, 2011

Unkie Brian

Tomorrow makes three years since Brian has been gone. Brian was Jerry's only brother. Brian was born with a heart condition and battled with it his entire life. He went up to Chicago in 2008 for another heart surgery because he was out running his medicine basically. He really didn't have a choice. He could go up there and fix it or die a slower death. He was only 29 when he died. Brian ended up getting an infection in his heart and his kidney's shut down.

I will never forget the day Jerry called me and told me the news. I remember telling Jerry, "this happens to other people, this doesn't happen to us." I cried. I still cry.  I never had the opportunity to go up there. Bailey was just over a year old and we didn't have the money for me to fly up there. We did visit them through our webcam though. We were just thankful that Jerry could be there when Brian passed.

Jerry has talked to me about the whole Chicago trip in detail, but it's too hard to write about. It was awful and I don't know how Jerry and his parents were so strong through all of it.

We collect tabs and donate them to The Ronald McDonald House every July 16th for Brian. The Ronald McDonald House is an amazing place that helps so many families when their loved ones are in the hospital. Jerry's family stayed there 50+ days while Brian was in the hospital. We will be making another donation to them tomorrow morning.

Two of the stongest people you will meet in this picture, Jerry's Mom and Dad. (Grammy & Pappy)

Jerry says each year gets a little better, but it will always hurt. He said if he were stuck on an island and had no idea of what day it is, he would always know when this week was, it's engraved in his body.
We love and miss you very much Unkie Brian.

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