January 19, 2011

Oops while building our house

Did I mention that while we were building our house in Fort Worth, we were living in our 19 ft camper in Granbury? Yeah, not the most enjoyable time of our marriage. It was cheaper for us to live in that instead of paying rent and storage for the camper, so we killed two birds with one stone. We lived in the gated community where Jerry's parents live. I literally lived on a driving range. I played golf here and there during the most boring summer of my life. I had gone from being overwhelmed with life to laying on a dinette watching TV everyday. It was either sit at the dinette, make the dinette into a bed, or just go lay in the bed. It was awful. The little kitchen was annoying and everything was in storage. Blah!

I guess to make up for the boredom Jerry and I went to see Cooder Graw and Kevin Fowler in concert one week that June of '06. We had a blast as always. I woke up the next morning and felt like death. I told myself  NO MORE partying.

My friend, Amber, called me and I told her I didn't feel well and she asked me when my last period was. Good Question. I had no clue. I wasn't hungover, I was pregnant! I knew before I went and bought a test. I took the test, positive as could be and then I just stared at it for about 45 minutes. I was a little freaked out. Okay, I was a lot freaked out!  This was not planned and I am a planner in all aspects of my life! I mean I am living in a 19 ft. camper and I am pregnant! Talk about feeling like trash. I was so scared that I called Jerry at work with the news, not quite how I envisioned telling him about the blessed event. He was shocked and really excited surprisingly.   Okay, so we're having a baby.

It was hell being pregnant and living in that small camper. The smells of everything made me nauseous. I couldn't stand it when Jerry took a shower because the soap smell would gag me. We cooked tacos in there one night and I couldn't even eat them. It took a year for me to eat tacos again. I told Jerry after the house is built I am NEVER stepping foot in this camper again and I meant it. We sold the camper.

Our house was built in September '06 and our daughter, Bailey Renee arrived March 15, 2007. She was 23" long and was a heavy weight weighing in at 10.5 lbs. Couldn't have been better. She had a beautful nursery and a home, not camper, to come home to. 


Everything happens for a reason.

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