June 07, 2011

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

Everybody collects something or has a hobby. Or at least I hope so. I couldn't imagine not wanting something all the time or figuring out my next purchase. Ever since we moved in this house, I have been slowly finding stuff for my Blackyard here and there. I can't afford to get it all at once, nor can I find it all at once. I have made a list so I don't forget. I finally scratched the pot belly pig and Shetland Pony off that list.  Apparently, I was the only one who thought that would be a good idea. I have a rustic/cowboy/ranch theme going on.  Sadly, I enjoy decorating my Blackyard more than the inside of my house. I have a great time finding all these good finds. It's like a never ending mission for me. I feel accomplished each time I can scratch something off 'Momma's Want List.'

I will never forget the time My Lover and I were driving and I yelled, "STOP!" I wanted to stop at this junkyard. I found this rusty wheel barrow with one handle, I wanted! I dumped all the crap out of it and it started taking it to the truck.  Jerry walked away and said, "I don't even know you!" It was great. I found my wire spool that I use for a table there too. I love junkyards, they're the best! I love antique malls too, but he doesn't mind going into those at all.

Today, I finally found my vintage square galvanized wash tub with a stand and it has a ringer! This is the real deal, not the crap knock offs they make today to replicate the old ones. Legit! Jerry's grandfather has one and I hint to him everytime I'm over there that I sure would love to have it.  Haha Papaw, I got one now!

And I got a milk can that I am going to sand down and paint John Deere green on a hot summer night.

That whiskey barrel was a great find too! I found it behind a farmer's market and asked if I could have it. She sold it to me for $20 bucks. My rusty wheel barrow was Jerry's grandfather.  

I found this mirror for Bailey's vanity. I recovered that chair her Mama gave her too.

You just gotta keep your eyes open! Open yow eyes Shelby, open open yow eyes!

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