January 23, 2011

I've Changed My Mind - Stock Show of Fort Worth

If you have ever been to the Stock Show and Rodeo of Fort Worth you know what kind of experience it is. It is 23 days of  kid friendly fun, including a carnival midway, walking around live music, food, world class live stock, auctions, cattle drives, campfire stories, shows, rodeos, adult beverages and acres of shopping! The shows include cattle, rabbits, horses, lamb, bulls, goats, sheep, llamas, hamsters, TCU's equestrian competion against Baylor,  and much more. They even have Cowboy Church on Sundays.

I attended the Mustang Magic Show and it was amazing. These cowboys were given a mustang and had 90 days to train them. Mustang Horses are wild horses so I couldn't imagine trying to break them and then train them to perform in front of thousands of people. The horses were doing all sorts of crazy acts and weren't spooked in the least. One guy did his entire act bareback and with no bridle. He did the entire act with his voice and his legs instructing him. After the show they auction all the horses off. I always question how the trainers don't get attatched to them, but I guess that's just their job. Makes me sad. Not that I would ever want a horse, because I am afraid of them honestly, but I know there are now proud owners to those mustangs. That show was too cool. One horse was name Payton Manning, I thought that was great.

This is really the reason for my blog...
As I was being the 'people watcher' self that I am, I noticed a variety of folks out there. I noticed some high maintence women, white trash, some real freaks, even a school of gay guys, a lesbian couple, rednecks, shit-kickers, hillbillys, and wanna-be-cowboys as I will call them. When I say wanna-be-cowboys, I mean they are sporting their boots and wearing their ridiculous Hurley shirt. I don't think those two go together. Then I started thinking to myself, what am I? Well, I am a little redneck! Not a Jeff Foxworthy redneck, but a nice redneck. According to the Bellamy Brothers, I have a belt with my name on the back, so I am a redneck girl. I use to like to cruise in daddy's truck.  I'm not a hillbilly, I have all my white teeth in good formation, a good job,  and live in a house. Redneck all the way. I'm proud of it too.  I like to be outside, get dirty in the garage, drink beer, heck drink whisky, party, garden, camp, fish, ride four wheelers, mow the lawn on my tractor, love country dancing, country music,  I would change my oil if I knew how.  So, my question to you is....what are you?  

People travel from all over to come to the Stock Show and I bet you live pretty close to it and have never attended it. Even if you don't own boots or a pearl snap you should still make it out to the Stock Show and Rodeo. Great experience for all.

In closing, I've changed my mind. I no longer want a pot bellied pig named Bacon. They are larger than I expected, their hair is real wirey, and they are unruly. They truly are swine! My new love are cows! I want a cow!

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