February 06, 2011

Top 10 Things I'm Bad At

10.) Sitting Still. - I have a hard time just chillin' and relaxing. My leg is going mach 3 currently and I am still drinking decaff.  My OCD gets the best of me always. I find something that needs to be done. Those hardwood floors aren't going to clean themselves. I will finally sit down and put my blanket on me and think to myself, "I should wash this blanket." I get up and wash it of course, and so on, and so on. It's neverending.

9.) Technology. - Jerry says that I don't suck at it as much as I don't care about it. I swear I can never get a TV to switch to DVD and then back to TV in this house. It drives me crazy! I have to call Jerry at work daily during the summer to get the TV's to do what I want. I can barely work my iphone, my ipod has had the same music on it for years that Jerry loaded, I have no desire to have a Nook or Kindle, or anything else that has to be updated on this computer.

8.) Weedeating. - This is just a man's job, that's all there is to that. Everytime I give it another try I damn-near sever my foot right off.  I remember growing up and my Dad would weedeat barefoot. How Gary? 

7.) Reading. - I will start a book, get half way through it, and quit.

6.) Gardening. - Although I love doing it and it's so rewarding when you can grow your own food, I'm terrible at it. I overwater. I underwater. All I can grow is jalapenos. I kill all herbs with ease. Gardening is like math to me, I love to do it, but I'm terrible at it.

5.) Painting. - It's the worst. It's always a mess. I leave streaks. I will paint a room and by the time I am done I have paint all over the carpet and trim. There's not enough plastic for this girl.

4.) Trying New Things. - I order the same thing everywhere I eat. I do the same routine week in and week out. I don't like change.   

3.) Cooking. - I love cooking and it seems as though when I really try to make a good meal, it turns out real bad. My cooking is abysmal. Then again when I am just jacking around and throwing stuff in a pot and throwing seasonings off it in, it turns out really good. Whatever. I leave cooking to Jerry now.

2.) Loading The Dishwasher. - What an art! I get like four big bowls in there, it's already full and I still have a sink full of dishes. So I end up hand washing all my dishes. 

1.) Singing. - The other weekend I was getting ready and I was singing Leanne Rimes' song, 'Blue'. I got to the good part 'bluuuuuuue'-my chocolate lab starts howling. No lie people or exaggeration here. Jerry came in the bathroom and said, "did that just happen?"

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