February 16, 2011

Grammy & Bailey

I grew up with only one set of grandparents and they were married for 50+ years. I stayed over there quite often growing up. We called my grandfather BoBo, and he was definitely my favorite. I use to love scrathing lottery tickets off with him, looking at his coin collection, watching movies with him, and LOVED eating his Ramon Noodle soups. BoBo always paid the ten more cents my parents wouldn't and got the Ramen in the styrofoam cups. My Grandma scared me. One time I tickled her foot while she was asleep and she kicked me into the wall. Although I did learn my lesson, she left a lasting impression on me.

I adore the fact Bailey is so close to her "Grammy." I love it when I get on to Bailey, she will cry, "I want my Grammy!" Bailey will talk to her on the phone and ask to spend the night with her. She spends the night with Grammy a lot. When I pick her up there are toys scattered from one end to the other. They have a blast together. Grammy gets nothing productive done. Grammy lets Bailey play on her computer and will teach her how to play games on it. They take Bailey on trips to Wichita Falls. I don't think there's a visit that goes by that MaMa Nell, Bailey's Great Grandmother, or Grammy haven't bought her an outfit or toy. Spoiled!  The best times are when I see them cook together. Grammy is so patient and lets her help. I  wish everybody could grow up with a 'Grammy'.

They are making a Wacky Cake here, Pappy's favorite.

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