February 12, 2011

Oh, How I Loathe....

5.)  Getting Gas. It's scary how far I push it. I've ran out of gas many times.
4.)  Taking my make up off at night. I just want to go to bed! 
3.)  Emptying the dishwasher. Especially the silverware part. It's neverending.
2.)  Mating Socks.  I don't. If Jerry doesn't mate them I will just throw them in a drawer and pick them out as I need them. What an incredible waste of time.
 1.)  My all time number one hatred in life is GROCERY SHOPPING! I loathe grocery shopping, but I like eating at home, so you have to do it. Lets start. Is there a good cart? You call it a buggy, don't you?  I can't help but think of the multitudes of germs on it while I have white knuckles and Bailey's wallering around in it.  I'm going to throw out a statistics that I feel is true, 72% of us shop at the dreadful WalMart. Yes, we do our grocery shopping where you can get an oil change, your hair did, get a mani and pedi, eat, and get family portraits while you grocery shop. I'm convinced any produce on it's way out gets shipped to WalMart. Groceries are so expensive! Can I get a green stamp? People always have their cart in front of the item I need. You have to say "excuse me" in a very soft voice every time you walk in front of someone. You feel guilty for getting any junk food. I personally can't shop without a list with planned out meals on it. I hate those trips I have to keep the calculator in my hand.  Then you get to go spend your evening in line because there's only 2 check-outs open. With that said, whoever invented self-check-outs should be shot!  You gotta make sure you don't leave any of your items on that big turning bag thing. Don't even get me started on the lack of customer service. Now you get to load all your crap in your vehicle, unload it when you get home, and then put it all up after throwing out all your spoiled items that are now growing furr. Then you have 152 plastic bags that you save for whatever reason, because that cashier puts one item in each bag. (Well you can always bring your own bags for environmental purposes Brandi. Yeah, okay.) 

Guess what? You get to do this all again in two weeks!

I wish food was just a hobby instead of a necessity. It would not be one of my hobbies.

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