July 12, 2011

Clean freaks read only

Brandi Clean...

I always keep a clean house, but there comes a point when your house gets beyond filthy. That's when it is time for 'Brandi Clean.' When I get down and dirty with my house, I start before 8:00am, any later would just put me in a bad mood from the start and I would't do a good job. I have a large coffee to keep me amp'd up 'til noon.  I have to 'Brandi Clean' when the house is empty. I even put the dogs up. I am very particular in my routine. I clean from ceiling fan to the floor.  I start in Bailey's room, then the spare bedroom, and then Bailey's bathroom. I call that the 'west wing' of the house. Then I go to the 'east wing' and clean my bathroom and move to my bedroom. Next is the mid section, where I clean the entry way, living room and dining area. By this time it's 4:00ish and I start making dinner. After dinner, I tackle the kitchen. I found that if I clean the kitchen before dinner, I don't want to get it dirty and end up eating fast food.

I'm not complaining about cleaning as a whole, because I love to clean. I'm just complaining about a few minor things I hate to clean. I actually enjoy the heck out of these days. I put my volleyball spandex and sports bra, turn the music up loud, and sing my heart out! I'd be embarrassed if anyone ever saw me.

Minor complaints....
Why is it so hard to clean faux wood blinds? They are a beating to clean and take 10 years if done correctly. They need a Dyson for blinds. I have 9 sets of faux wood blinds in this house and they are never as clean as I would like, because they have grubby 4 year old fingerprints and dog drool on them. I could spend a whole day just cleaning blinds. Baseboards, booo! They are never as clean as the first time you move into your house. The more you scrub, the more paint you take off.  I have real hardwood floors in my entry way and dining area. What an upkeep!!! I will never have hardwood floors again. I think carpet is nasty, but I like having it in the bedrooms and living room.  I usually clean my carpets the week of Thanksgiving but could tell my carpets needed some attention. I have a Bissell carpet cleaner, worth every penny,  and I cleaned the carpet in my living room today. I cleaned the other rooms last week. Yikes, I didn't realize it was that filthy. I blame my two mutts. 

Speaking of mutts, the next time I think I want a dog, I am going to read this blog: 
Brandi, you never want another dog. Ever! Wait for these two to croak. Yeah you love them, but all you do is feed them, let them out, let them in, sweep up mounds of hair, vacuum up mounds of hair, brush them daily, give them baths, go through hell cutting their nails, pick up their dumps in the backyard, clean up drool/water marks daily, get mad when they scratch your hardwood floor, have to find people to watch them when you go out of town, barking, and get them shots. Them laying of you while you watch TV is not worth it. Get a fish.

  "Well, it's been a thin slice of heaven.'-A League of Their Own

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