July 11, 2011


My daughter must be going through a crazy growth spurt, because she will not stop eating. I don't just let her eat anything she wants either. She can pick from a selection of healthy snacks outside the three regular meals.

Well tonight she ate her entire piece of chicken, most of her potatoes, but when it came to the vegetables, she all the sudden wasn't hungry anymore, then she needed to go potty, then she needed more water, then she tried mixing her vegetables with the potatoes, then she had a sore in her mouth and couldn't eat anymore. I really tried to be patient. I let her sit there and pick at the vegetables for 45 minutes. I finally set a timer for three minutes and if she didn't finish her vegetables in that time, she wouldn't have any TV for the rest of the night. That means no Bubble Guppies people!

I don't mess with 'time-outs'. I spank and I spank hard, but I didn't want to spank her for not eating vegetables when she eats good food literally all day long. Sadly, she didn't take those three minutes seriously either and she lost her TV privileges for the night. This is the first time I have ever done this. Let me just tell you, when you punish your kids, you are really just punishing yourself.


This punishment made for a very long night.

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