January 28, 2011

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs

These are the Friday nights I love! Love Love Love.

I don't like eating out during the week and that includes Fridays! I hate wasting the money and fighting the crowds. Believe it or not, this family has only 'eatin' out' two times this year and one of those meals was bought for us. It's just something we don't do.  Eating out is such a waste of money and for a family to eat it's at least a 20 dollar bill. It's kinda my goal to make meals cheap and healthy. I love to make casseroles that can be used for two meals and a lunch for both Jerry and I, and it cost no more than $10 bucks! I make this mean chicken spaghetti with all these vegetables in it and I call it 'Momma's Spaghetti Pot Pie'.  I like being called Momma for some reason. It's weird.  Unfortunately Bailey doesn't eat one single vegetable in it, but she does pick out all the vegetable and eat the noodles. Don't ask for the recipe, because there isn't one, I just throw whatever we have in the pantry and refrigerater in the pot! Oh, and I LOVE my slow cooker. I'm usually not home for Monday meals, but I like slow cooker Tuesday's and pasta Thursday's. Generally I don't like pasta very much but I like a carb overload before a long weekend run.

Anyway, we didn't even have that tonight for crying out loud!  Although, I should make it this week. We had corny dogs and french fries with no calories at all. That's my kinda of Friday night meal. Sadly, we ran out of ketchup. I alone can eat half the bottle of ketchup in one meal. I did surprise Bailey with a cookie cake that I got from the mall today. (I have to admit it but I bought another pair of skinny jeans, I hate being like those youngsters, I'm old, I'm 30 for crying out loud!)

We always have 'Country Hits' playing on our TV during dinner and every song, Bailey asks, "is this a country song?" She mumbles to the song as if she knows the words and it makes me laugh. Very cute.

We finished the night with a MOOOVIE! We stream movies form our XBox360 to view newer movies (Jerry's intelligence there) and tonight we watched Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs. The movie was really cute and Bailey really enjoy it.

Staying home with your family and watching movies is the best!

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