January 20, 2011


If you know me at all, you know I shake all the time. Tremors is the technical name for it and no it's not Parkinsons. What causes it? Who knows, I've done it my entire life. It gets worst if I'm hungry, stressed, or doing tedious work. Sadly, I stop shaking after a few alcoholic beverages. It's nice to not shake, but I can't drink all the time and quite honestly I'm sick of shaking. I have to use two hands to drink out of a cup, use two hands to put on lip stick, and it just sucks. Well, here lately I have been having some anxiety issues thus making the shaking worst along with chest pains. So I went to the doctor. All the blood work was normal and he put me on a beta blocker for the shaking, which has immediately helped. He also told me, 'no more caffiene.' WHAT?!! I don't drink cokes, but I stop at QT every morning for my 24 ounce of black coffee. I will make a pot of coffee before bed while watching TV.  I LOVE my weekends where I sip scalding hot coffee out of my Starbucks Chicago cup on my couch. In the summers I will drink coffee until two in the afternoon. I never really thought it had any effect on me or ever correlated it with my shaking. I just love the taste of coffee! Now, I'm forced to switch to decaffeinated coffee and I have a headache. 

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