January 29, 2011

The Blackyard

Oh, The Blackyard! If you have ever been there, you know what I'm talking about! A place to relax, drink a cold one, play outdoor games, and listen to music.  Not a worry in the world. It is decorated with a lovely rustic theme including: stars, metal chairs, a barn, outdoor speakers, a wooden deck under a corrugated metal roof, Texas license plates throughout, beautiful foliage, barbed wire, whiskey barrels, windmill,  old fashion wash boards, wheel barrows, pampa filled, LB's post (left boot), and white Christmas lights for when it gets dark.

The ambiance is perfect for any good ol' Texan. It's definitely not suited for the high maintence need to spend $7 dollars on a drink, pay for cover and parking kind of person. This is the place you bring your beverage then ice and a cooler is provided for you as well as a bottle opener where your cap can fall into a galvanized bucket. Classy I know! No cover charge. Oh, and parking is ALWAYS free!

It does have it's upkeep with picking up the mounds of 'Jake Dumps', mowing, edging, a little fertilizer, and a dash of water from the sprinkler system a couple times a week. Other than that-cake!  This place should be on the map!

It's January 29th people.  I'm convinced God gives us these beautiful days in the winter to keep us from going into a winter depression. It was a taste of what our summers are like around here. There's not a weekend that goes by that we are not in The Blackyard in the summers. Today, we grilled some meat for fajitas, made some pico de gallo, guacamole, refried beans, and they were delicious!! I mean really really good! Bailey played on her swingset,rolled around on the grass and basically entertained herself, which is always nice for the adults. This was the best day of winter ever!

I dare anybody to say they haven't had a great time in The Blackyard, unless you accidently get stung by a bee of course.

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